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wattpadMostFollowedCarla Hanna is the author of the STARLET SERIES of young adult romance and coming of age fiction novels. A former housewife of Santa Monica, marketing communications executive, and graduate of Colorado State University with a Master of Arts, she lives in Colorado with her family.

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I wrote the young adult teen fiction and new adult romance Starlet Series to encourage a change to the “story” sold in mainstream literature today. I want to see more people of color represented in teen fiction. I would like ‘coming-of-age’ to mean taking responsibility for making choices. I believe that God should not be anathema in character development. Authors and publishers should embrace the psychological and moral elements of humanity to produce more inspirational fiction for teen and college readers.

I’m a mother of two awesome kids and a very happily married woman. We moved from Santa Monica, California to Colorado to be close to family and those amazing mountains. I train for triathlons and walk my golden retriever. My life is complete.

But I worry about how the pervasive violent and disrespectful messages in film and bestsellers will affect my kids’ formation of their values as they become the people they want to be. Erotica has become mainstream in the books teens read and either violence or casual sex is in all young adult films.

So I’m now a novelist, writing coming-of-age fiction with romantic and spiritual elements. I hope my novels will help teens question the messages that reflect the train-wreck values of the few decision-makers in Hollywood, media, and the publishing business. I hope my perspective will help teens also live long, happy lives.

My series started with two simple questions: What if we stayed in Santa Monica, California? What if my kids continued to play with the sweet, isolated children of celebrities?

My tall, beautiful daughter would have wanted to become a swimsuit model and my charming son would have dated Violet Affleck. I would have begged them not to become actors.

I truly appreciate all those who helped me write the Intentions novels. In particular, I’d like to thank the following:

Those who have inspired me: Ben, Kaylin and Carson Hanna, my parents and family, Kay Kessel-Hanna, Marcia Stevens and Marcia Sherrill, Celia Shells, Jen Shen Chang, Traci Arnett, Grace Kimura, Attila Gogos, Lynne Kawakami Gogos, Mira Scott, Jenny Mitchell, and Christina Cheney.

Those who read and improved the drafts of my novels: Peg Beer, Valerie Waters, Deanna Rhee, Maddi Dullea, Beth Dullea, Taylor Williams, TraciLyn Clark, Jessica Sprinkles, Jen McCullum, Greg Lose, Brooke Montz, Terrie Hannum, Cheryl Sanders, Tiffany Wright, Marnie Rocklin, and Lisa Iveslatt.

Thank you to my professional flow editors, Martha Cargill and Melissa Savage, and copyeditors, Kendall Slee and Grace Kimura Lambert. Thank you to Maari Casey, Ricci Wolman and Taylor Coil for my branding.

I also appreciate the inspiration from my interaction with A-list actors who were nice and kind to me and my kids when we lived in Santa Monica. They helped me create Liana Marie Michael, a sweet and smart fictional actress who I learned could be a very real product of Hollywood.

Th e Starlet Series is a work of fiction. All of the characters, organizations, and events portrayed in this novel are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.

Please feel free to contact me at novels (at) carlajhanna.com. I’m always open to chat with my readers!


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