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Review of Starlet’s Run by

by Jennifer Hyndman, and author

The author wastes no time in her creation of an emotional bond between you and the main character. Seamlessly, she pours the foundation for the entire story within one intro. Many authors do this and cluster up the first paragraph alone but not this author. She has somehow
managed to direct the flow of the book so that in the free sample alone you have an understanding of where this book is going to take you.

Her writing is elegant and easy to read while holding deep concepts and intellectual delvings that stir many of us.

Right away I got a sense of the main character while she gazed at a man-made landscape that is both beautiful and repulsive to her for reasons she elaborates on. There is a lot of soul searching, a lot of finding one’s true heart that has been clothed/buried beneath the explosive and material world that Lia has come to know. As John Keats so eloquently stated, “Truth is beauty and beauty is truth, that’s all ye know and all ye need to know.” He may have been speaking to a simple creature, but what are we all but simple creatures layered in intelligence and emotions?

You will follow the main character as she searches for truth, and whether or not she finds beauty in it or whether she finds it at all will remain to be seen as you read.

As I stated before, I emphasize the elegant writing style that the author employs and she effectively (in my opinion) creates an emotional attachment between the reader and main character. Wonderful editing and a smooth read. This story will make you think on your own life and choices, it will hopefully find you in your youth where you can take something out of this and apply it to your own life. A book that can give someone such a gift as a morally fortitude-filled thought so many times over is something to treasure and share.

I will surely be sharing this. I would love to see such a book in my son’s library.

by Carla Hanna, author of young adult romance and fiction
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