5 Stars: Starlet’s Man Book Reviews for teens by Just One More Chapter

Book Review by Just One More Chapter of Starlet’s Man

Excerpt: “I really enjoyed this book, I am glad that I got to read the prequel before reading the rest of the series. I always feel like the prequels are important and sometimes I wish they were written first instead of in between or after the series, but that isn’t always the case and I understand why, but it’s easier to read them in the order they are meant to be read in my opinion. I love knowing that there is always something more to a book.

This book allows the readers to get a clear understanding of Marie and Manny. It helps them to see what is going on within both their lives and why they are who they are. It helps the readers to better understand why they have made the choices in life that they have made and to see where they can go should they choose a different path. A path that isn’t the one that had been laid for them because others wanted to control every aspect of their lives, mostly just and issue for Marie. Manny seems to know what he wants and just needs to be able to get there.”

Just One More Chapter

Genres: Christian, Coming of Age, Drama, Family, Friendship, Motivational & Inspirational, Realistic Fiction, Romance, YA Contemporary, Young Adult