Why an Actress Fails the Audition

Do you wonder what it would be like to grow up as a child star? I tell you in Starlet’s Web.

How do I know? I lived in the house described with the view in Santa Monica and my kids played with the kids of celebrities.

Why do my characters talk in scripts and monologues? Because that’s how the teens I knew talked (add cussing). They are not like you in some ways: they are more isolated and protected, they have tons of money, they grew up around scripts and drama. But they are also like you:  they fall in love, have insecurities, go to church and pray. They are just as confused as the rest of us, maybe even more.

Read Starlet’s Web to find out about what it is really like – instead of what you think it should be like – to be a teen star. Then think about how the people and corporations who write our stories in film influence your own life story.

If you are a drama student, definitely read the series. Why? I think the way stars ‘think’ separates them from other actors. If 20 actors audition for the same role, why is the 1 chosen? I’ve heard “presence” as a reason. You hear “talent”. But when all 20 have the ‘right’ stick with boobs figure, all 20 have balanced faces, all 20 have their lines, and all have connections – what do the 19 NOT have? When you talk with an a-list celeb it becomes clear: stars think in stories, compartmentalize, and don’t have regret or look back – they move on. Can you?

Carla Hanna, author of the Starlet Series novels, written to make you think about your role in Hollywood’s web.

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