I’m Not Fat – Body Image in Hollywood

Hi 28,000 fans! I was just responding to some great comments on Wattpad and wanted to share a story with you regarding what is ‘fat.’ The talks about in Hollywood – make no mistake that I think actors need to eat more – a size 2 is thought of as ‘fat.’ It’s absurd, but in personal experience it hit me hard one day. Here’s what happened:

As you know, I lived in Santa Monica among celebrities. The view you see on my main page was my house. Yes, I have a great life.

For a party I had to go to, I shopped at the second-hand store on Wilshire Blvd for my evening dress. I was a model in my teens and I’ve always thought of myself as thin and fit. I still had some post-pregnancy weight on me but was still 100% happy with my figure – a size 8 at 5’10”. Nothing fit. So I went to size 10. I loved the dress! It was a bit snug but was perfect and I looked great in it! It was Natalie Cole’s dress. I thought, “but she’s fat.”

NO, SHE’S NOT FAT! The dress on my body was on hers, too. She is thin like me. Hand to face slap!

Carla Hanna, author of the Starlet Series

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