Bucket List. Check!

Thank you all for following me this year! It has been an honor to write #Starlet’s Web for you and watch my status grow on @Wattpad from no followers to over 28,400.

And guess what? I’ve accomplished everything on my life’s bucket list!

This past Friday I completed a goal I set back in 1985 to ski Pallavicini from the cornice at the top of the run to the lift at the bottom at A-Basin in Colorado without hesitation or falling. I’ve skied hundreds of double diamonds with perfection but something about Pali’s changing vertical fall line has always given me pause or tripped me up – as soon as I hit a rhythm through the mogul field, it changes. Link: http://www.examiner.com/article/top-10-ski-chairlifts-the-western-united-states-no-3-pallavicini-at-arapahoe-basin

On Friday, I was finally able to just go with the flow. It was AWESOME!

Pali is a run that reflects my perspective on my existence. Negativity doesn’t get me down. I just go with the flow. I truly enjoy my life: my husband, my kids, my dogs, my family and friends, and my fans.

So what’s next?

As far as , I will upload the final chapter of Starlet’s Web (#1) this Tuesday. I published Starlet’s Run (#2) and Starlet’s Light (#3) this year, too, and they are available online. I wrote an unpublished draft of Starlet’s Man (#1.5) and will hope you all help me with your suggestions on making it great so I can publish it in 2014. I wrote a draft of Starlet’s Six (#3.5) and the manuscript of Starlet’s End (#4) is ready for professional editing.

But I need new goals. What should they be? I have NO idea! I’m just so darn happy!

Happy New Year! And thank you for your support. -, of the of and social commentary Starlet’s Web | Starlet’s Run | Starlet’s Light

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