Challenging the “Sex Sells” Belief

A Paradigm Shift is Coming: challenging the “Sex Sells” belief

The Fifty Shades film releases on Valentines Day 2015. Moms are starting to worry that their curiosity about the popular British erotica is now going to influence their teen’s understanding of healthy sexual relationships. The problem every mom talks about is that the film targets a high school, seventeen-year-old audience with a “love story” pitch. Moms know the sexual abuse is not appropriate for their teens.

Moms want producers to understand that the mommy porn they read was not supposed to ‘live’ outside of their anonymous e-reader. But producers want to exploit the story’s commercial ebook success and transfer the soft porn to the movie screen, citing that viewers want it since the book series was the top selling book series of 2013.

Some people shrug their shoulders and say, “Sex sells.” I challenge the “truth” that sex sells in film. In my little world, I see that mainstream film succeeds without it.

I’ve included a screenshot that shows the top selling American mainstream films for 2014. Only one of the top 12 has a gratuitous sex scene.

In the next weeks, I will be researching if sex does indeed sell or if the belief is a myth. If you see some research either way, please contact me through Twitter or Facebook so I can check it out. Thanks! -Carla Hanna, author of the award-winning teen romance Starlet Series