Radio Interviews with YA Author Carla Hanna

author Carla J. Hanna in the news: The Starlet Series realistic teen romance

~September 1, 2014: WINNER

  • GOLD MEDAL winner, Readers’ Favorite 2014 International Book Awards: Starlet’s Web
  • SILVER MEDAL winner, Readers’ Favorite 2014 International Book Awards: Starlet’s Light

~September 8, 2014: Starlet’s Man released (Amazon link)

~September 17, 2014: Carla J. Hanna and C. James Robert von Scholz with Gotham Artists Agency agree to literary representation for the Starlet Web series. Please refer to Mr. von Scholz for all negotiation.

Thank you to all the interviewers who talked with me about the Starlet Series. It was an honor to be on your radio shows. For more information, please read about the content by clicking on the links below.

~October 13, 2014: Tommy Briggs with YesFM, Ohio Interviews Carla Hanna

Why was A Walk to Remember also dismissed as a fluke? It wasn’t a fluke! It was a wonderful movie. We have a Christian girl who wants to stay a virgin and she reforms the bad-boy. It was a beautiful story. Let’s have more of those.

~October 22, 2014: The Gary Sutton Show, WSBA Pennsylvania, an iHeart Radio Station, interviews Carla Hanna

 The Starlet Series brings the teen reader inside a realistic life of a teenaged starlet. Ms. Hanna does not shy away from how all of the influences surrounding the teen help shape identity formation: God, greed, sexual over-saturation, perceptions of beauty, cultural contradictions, privilege and race.

~October 23, 2014: The Christal Frost Show, WRCM, Michigan interviews Carla Hanna

 Beware of the “Sex Sells” Mentality. This belief is pervasive in advertising as a tool to attract attention for a product or personality. But is true?

~October 24, 2014: The Scott Sloan Show, WLW Cincinatti, OH, an iHeart Radio Station, interviews Carla Hanna

We have a responsibility to our kids to approve content and reduce the influence of sexual content in our children’s lives. We as consumers are held responsible for the endless supply of sexual content. Change must start with us.

Support mainstream fiction that incorporates social issues into the stories. See my post regarding the messages in young adult romance and search results. You have the power to influence Hollywood.

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