Starlet Series Book Review – “Beautiful Love Story Veiled in a Scathing Social Commentary” (5/5)

Review of the Starlet Series books posted on Goodreads and Amazon:

Each book contains heartfelt insight. Set in Hollywood, STARLET’S WEB shows us what it is like to be a successful, yet very isolated, teen . She’s not only hit with betrayal by her mother, but is forced to confront the reality that being ‘in-demand’ and competitive in the movie business means plastic surgery. STARLET’S RUN shows what it is like to fall deeply in love but be ‘too young’ to commit – especially since everyone around the young couple is terrified of what a divorce would do to her image. Afraid of making mistakes, the adults urge the couple to know themselves first – a great message for everyone. However, the adult decisions of the past have been responsible for Lia’s terrible illness. I loved how Lia stays ‘realistically’ positive in spite of everything and we can all learn from moving on.

The third book in the series, STARLET’S LIGHT, is amazing! It’s a beautiful love story veiled in a scathing social commentary. It shows us all the power of truth and commitment in a world driven by profit and social media ugliness. At first the series reads as a love triangle but it’s not. When I finished the series, I felt like I had been peeling back the leaves of an artichoke and had finally reached the heart.

The Starlet Series by Carla Hanna, author of young adult romance and coming of age fiction
Starlet’s Web | Starlet’s Run | Starlet’s Light

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