Starlet Series Book Review – Teen Reader Gives 5/5

reviewer, T. Kellog emailed me this review:

I keep trying to post a review but it’s not showing up (I might be too young?). Anyway, I loved the author’s prior books – Starlet’s Web is still my favorite – so she gave me an ARC in exchange for an honest review of Starlet’s Light. So here it is – again.

First, I’m a graduating senior with an athletic scholarship for college. Yeah, it’s awesome but I also feel EXACTLY the same as Lia. I have a boyfriend who goes to a different college. Graduation is happy but sad. So I love and totally relate to Lia.

Starlet’s Web was my favorite because I read it in a day and was floored by the plot twist. I have pushy parents, too, and love my guy. So I could read Web a thousand times.

Starlet’s Run was great but slower. I learned a lot from it, though. I liked the relationship between Lia and Manny and liked how her dialogue started to show more emotion – that’s why it’s “Run” because actresses ‘run lines’ and she’s struggling to find her own voice.

Starlet’s Light wiped me out. I cried constantly and when I finished I just got off the couch, sobbing, and hugged my mom. My mom isn’t evil for pushing my sports, she’s supportive and strict. I learned that from this book. It just hit me that I have to accept things and be grateful for what I have instead of resenting graduation. Sandrine is the best mom and my mom isn’t that bad actually.

Anyway, I loved the series and think everyone should read it. -T. Kellog

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