Starlet Series ebook Kindle sale

Save the date for the Starlet Series !

Regarding: Starlet’s Web, Starlet’s Run, and Starlet’s Light!

When: June 20-21, 2014

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Kindle Sale June 20-22, 2014

Kindle Sale June 20-22, 2014

With a genuine glimpse into the life of Hollywood teens, the Starlet Series:
•    Shows the humanity of teens trapped in Hollywood’s web
•    Provides an alternative view from inside the lives of Hollywood’s elite
•    Explores sexual situations and conversations teens should have when they consider becoming sexually active
•    Includes gay and atheist characters who are good people
•    Contains Christian themes that may be unexpected in the lives of A-listers

Starlet’s Man, a new installment to the series from Manuel’s perspective, comes out September 8, 2014!