Starlet’s Man Young Adult Book Review by author, Jennifer Hyndman

Starlet’s Man ARC Young Adult by author/blogger, Jennifer Hyndman

5.0 out of Be prepared to fall in love!, May 29, 2014
This review is from: Starlet’s Man: The Starlet Series (Paperback)
I was lucky enough to be given a promotional copy of this book!!

There is no ‘simple’ love story here, but the love IS pure and, regardless of how it comes about, it is a gravitational force binding these unique characters together. I was fascinated by this love, the intense emotions and the realistic interactions of these fictional dream teens. The story is written in such a way that it takes you through their experiences personally. Though I feel as if Manuel and Liana Marie were the main characters, the other characters are so detailed and involved that they are all main characters. The social dynamics of these well-to-do youth are portrayed so you really get an incredible first-hand perspective and inside view of an elite society.

Right away I was taken up with Manuel. Manny is truly a sweetheart with a love for God, decency, as well as for several women. Not in a bad way, he simply loves them for the sake of love, because he has a poets heart. He loves sincerely . He’s generous, gorgeous, kind, honest, and has his hopes set on stealing Liana Marie away from her acting world and into his arms to raise a happy family. But, does the most beautiful starlet in Hollywood feel the same? She’s so molded by Hollywood that even her skeletal figure is under contract.

Though insanely beautiful, Marie is still a virgin. I felt a race going on between who could deflower her, and who could ‘save’ her. Having dealt with the sexual harassment that comes with power and fame, including rape and the consequences that go with reporting it, Liana Marie is very confused about how to go about love, and how to keep it or even deserve it. This entire series is the ultimate teen drama and I LOVE every minute that I’m in this author’s world! Highly recommend this book to begin her series with.

Thank you to Jennifer for reviewing all of the books in the Starlet Series! Starlet’s Man coming September 8, 2014.