Starlet’s Run Book Review – “A Powerfully Evocative, Sensational Read”

A powerfully evocative, sensational read containing within such poignancy and meaningful prose By Lucinda

This review is from: Starlet’s Run: This impressive () romance is a coming-of-age tale that is wonderfully inspirational and a compelling read. Unsure of what to expect when I delved into `Starlet’s Run’ I was instantaneously blown-away by the astonishing characterization, refreshing outlook and singular style. Unlike anything I have encountered before (within this genre and also Christian themed romances), I was truly moved by such a heartfelt tale in which the has injected such acute perception and candidness.

This is the story of Liana who is a glamorous Hollywood Actress, deeply and irrevocably in love with someone unconditionally. Her story shows that life is not always a fairytale as sometimes one’s life doesn’t always end happily or easily as expected. It is Liana’s inmost heart and her search for happiness which moved me deeply, as I could connect to her ultimate search for fulfillment – as will many readers. It is the main protagonist’s determination, courage and spirit which is not only commendable but which reaches out to your inmost core on such a personal level.

I found this profoundly affecting novel something quite exceptional, as I grasped every connotation and meaning behind each word and event. As the main character searched within her soul you gain a unique outlook on life, as the author explores society around us and how we are influenced by others, expectations and common thought. This is a noteworthy thought-provoking read that is truth-drawing and sincere, which takes the reader on a personal journey of enlightenment, reflection and contemplation.

Love is the single most powerful emotion within our lives, as it defines us and our course for the future. Loosing love, being hurt and seeking it are all hard challenges to face and so I certainly feel that this is a book which will aid us all along life’s tough path. One’s own personal growth, acceptance of situations and understanding of the workings of the human heart are all explored within this magnificent work of such substance and depth. A wonderful read which was highly enjoyable, and an unforgettable experience which I would recommend to all!

*I would like to thank the author for sending me a PDF (e-copy) of her book to read and review.*

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