TEAM CHANGE 2015 – Taking Responsibility for Content

Taking Responsibility for Content in Stories


Let’s take more responsibility for the content in the stories we tell and hear. We are consumers of books, songs, TV and film.

We must demand better content:

  1. less explicit sex in mainstream movies
  2. better messages of love and respect
  3. less violence

We can do this! To start:

  1. Don’t vote with your movie ticket purchase to see films with explicit sex or extreme violence.
  2. Don’t RT exploitative pics of celebrities.
  3. Respect other cultures.

Pop culture and the internet dominated the world in 2014. Join me in changing the messages of . Let’s start with better stories that show humanity and give hope. #TEAMCHANGE_2015!

When you see a post that you agree with on the internet, share it with the hashtag: #TEAMCHANGE_2015