Why Bother Writing a Love Story?

Crazy, delicious opportunities keep side tracking me from why I’m the Starlet series for the young and new adult markets. I want social change. If I say ‘yep’ to then I’m part of the problem with book , and social media.

There are two, quick changes both a publisher and a film studio want in my first love story, Starlet’s Web. One, turn my protagonist, a sweet, 17-year old , think , into a 20-year old . Second, add an erotic sex scene every time the girl kisses a man. I do these easy 1-week changes and I have a deal.

I’m more than open to editing my novels to make them better. But making the books “commercial” shouldn’t be exploiting the character and adding gratuitous sex scenes.

More sex won’t help our young adults grow up to be more tolerant adults. More sex won’t help anyone understand that being in love and staying in love is a choice.

I’ll just be writing yet another steamy story that everyone will read and promptly forget next year. And if you don’t think teens read erotica, get real.

The Starlet Series by Carla Hanna, author of and coming of age fiction
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