Gary Sutton interviews Carla Hanna: Hollywood influence on teens

10.22.14 The Gary Sutton Show: , & Halloween – Parents Beware

Thank you to and station WSBA Pennsylvania – an iHeartRadio Station for discussing the impact Hollywood has on our teens and suggestions to help our kids develop self worth. We as consumers are held responsible for the endless supply of sexual content. Change must start with us.

  • In a supply and demand economic model, the people responsible for the content are the people who buy it.
  • Hollywood insiders know beauty is ‘faked’. Consumers, especially teens, need to start believing it.
  • The brings the teen reader inside a realistic life of a teenaged starlet. Ms. Hanna does not shy away from how all of the influences surrounding the teen help shape identity formation: God, greed, sexual over-saturation, perceptions of beauty, cultural contradictions, privilege and race.

Hollywood starlet and teen athlete in Starlet’s Man

The Starlet Series by Carla Hanna, author of young adult romance and coming of age fiction
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