Scott Sloan interviews Author Carla Hanna – Teens & Halloween – Parents Beware

10.24.14 The Scott Sloan Show: Teens & Halloween – Parents Beware

Thank you to Scott Sloan and station WLW Cincinnatti, OH – an iHeartRadio Station for discussing our responsibility to our kids to approve content and reduce the influence of sexual content in our children’s lives. We as consumers are held responsible for the endless supply of sexual content. Change must start with us.

Our conversation reminded me of one of my first posts, Let Us Choose to Participate, which urged readers of the Starlet Series to push back on content. I’ve included the post below.



I have a problem: kids think it’s appropriate to berate each other. Adult actions influence their own. They read insults online. They see content they don’t understand. At a network’s website, the shows can be accessed by anyone of any age at any time, taking the shows outside of their intended context and audience.

I tried it out. My kid can type when she’s doing her 3rd grade homework. So I did. She has access to anything, including late night comedy shows. I’m sure she would have clicked on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the second clip on the second row on the home page. She would have recognized Rob Pattinson although she’s too young to watch Twilight. Some of her friends have seen the movie and think Justin Bieber is so much more all that but agree that Rob is a very cute man.

So try it right now. You’ll see Rob cussing, talking about ‘dogging’, promoting his sensual clip from his new movie, and telling us all that there’s a scene with a sexual four-finger prostate exam. He looks cute and is charming. I laughed but I doubt my kid would have. During the show, she would have seen several photos of Prince Harry naked with a naked woman, one showing him clearly having sex with her from behind. Boy, I would have a lot of explaining to do.

I love comedy shows. I doubt I’ve ever seen a comedy show that doesn’t make fun of someone. That doesn’t bother me. In context and genre, a star’s action is fair game. I’m an adult and know that making fun of others on the playground is inappropriate and hurtful. I know that the comedian is joking. Often, I laugh hysterically.

To the libertarians, I agree with you that we should not censor free speech. I just want to control the appropriateness of the speech for my children. I want to enjoy the R-rated comedy while I protect my kids from it.

To the people telling me to provide more adult supervision, I do. My daughter has been required to do her homework online since 2nd grade, every Wednesday. I’ve asked her to only stay on the web pages she is supposed to see. But she clicks the wrong links sometimes. A photo of Justin or Selena catches her eye. Last year, I was in the same room playing with my son when she asked about why a woman was so creepy on a clip she was watching. It was a clip from Portman’s Black Swan. She clicked on the link because she recognized Padme from Star Wars.

I have a solution: please make us log in. Networks, please allow us to choose to participate. The advertisers will love that! It’s a win, win, win.

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