Tommy Briggs YesFM Hollywood Influence on Morality Interview with Carla Hanna


Tommy Briggs YesFM, Ohio

AM Mayhem Morning Show 10.13.2014

Thank you to Tommy Briggs and YES FM listeners for discussing Hollywood’s influence on moral judgment. Let’s all be more than merely secular Christians and help change the future of how our stories are told.

Some highlights from the 20 minute on 89.3 and 88.5 YES.FM. Online at, now on the free [YesFM iTunes app] and the [YesFM Android app] or the free [Tune In Radio app].

Carla:              Why was A Walk to Remember also dismissed as a fluke? It wasn’t a fluke! It was a wonderful movie. We have a girl who wants to stay a virgin and she reforms the bad-boy. It was a beautiful story. Let’s have more of those.

Tommy:          Yeah. And I think that goes back to you doing this series and we have Christian artists making films, and many of them having to do it independently outside of the studio system. But I think it comes down to Christian artists saying “We are going to do this, and we’re going to make it a part of mainstream Hollywood, and if they won’t create it we’ll step in and we’ll create it.”

Carla:              Because really we don’t have many alternatives. Alright, we already know that teen erotica is next up.

Tommy:          Which is very disturbing.

Carla:              Oh it’s sick! Absolutely sick! So the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ series is going to be targeted to teens, starting when it releases in February, and that’s mainstream rated R so that’s 17 year olds, and it’s also going to be targeted to them. I’m already confused, and I’m a married woman with an awesome husband and two wonderful, amazing children. But it’s changing – to go back to your questions “is Hollywood changing our moral judgment?” Absolutely! It’s changing our adult perceptions. It’s changing our perception of beauty – which I talk about in the whole ‘Starlet’ series. In ‘Starlet’s Man’ I put a high school boy who is a sinner and wants to be Christian – he’s made some mistakes, but he’s desperate to have God in his life. And I talk about that contradiction, because he’s grown up in Santa Monica, I based him on a kid I know. Robert Downy Jr. went to Santa Monica High School, so I have my character go to Santa Monica High School and he’s really trying to do a good job, he’s actively trying not to be a Player; he wants to be a Christian. That’s a tough battle.

Tommy:          Yeah!

Carla:              I used him because I feel it’s a good example for all of the teens, all male role models especially. Because I think the pressure on men to be players in our stories is huge. The pressure on women to be sexy – and girls to be sex objects – is huge. I think that message for girls is now getting more obvious, or intense, especially in music. And I wish that those teens would be listening to Christian music. Those messages in pop culture, and in the Top 40 are damaging to girls.

Tommy:          Yeah

Carla:              But they’re damaging to boys too.

Tommy:          Yeah, and that’s why we do what we do here. It’s saying “Listen to words that are going to put life in you, not words that are going to put death in you.”

Carla:              The emphasis of us telling our teens over, and over, and over again in our stories that you’re not an adult until you have sex is absurd. It’s unhealthy and it needs to change, and we have all these Christians – secular or not – that will be nurtured by better stories like this.

I have hope. You can make a difference, too. Support mainstream fiction that incorporates spiritual elements into the stories. You have the power to influence Hollywood.

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